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Sku: SDS-00870
Brand: Sundesa
Dimensions: 3.8 x 3.8 x 8.8 in, 0.55 lbs (0.25 kg)
Shipping Weight: 1.25 lbs (0.57 kg)
Package Quantity: 22 oz
UPC Code: 847280008704
  • BlenderBottle Brand Product
  • BPA Free
  • Genuine Blender Bottle
  • Inside-100cc Jar – Pill Tray -Fits Inside Jar Lids
  • Shake it Up
  • The Pro System
  • Mix It Up

Welcome to the ultimate all-in-one shaker cup. Leak-proof expandable, and unbelievably powerful, the BlenderBottle ProStak does it all. The patented BlenderBall wire whisk delivers smooth shakes every time, while the unique Twist n’ Lock jars offer unlimited storage expandability.


  • 22-oz Cup Capacity with Loop
  • 150 cc jar
  • 100 cc jar
  • Removable Twist n’ Lock Pill Organizer
  • Patented BlenderBall Wire Whisk

Patented BlenderBall

Only Available in BlenderBottle Brand Shaker Cups

Did You Know?

With the patented BlenderBall inside, the BlenderBottle lets you spice up your nutrition shakes with flavorful ingredients like:

  • Ground oatmeal
  • Peanut butter
  • Fruit juice
  • Applesauce
  • Cocoa powder
  • Yogurt
  • Cinnamon


  • 2 Fully Independent Jars for Storage
  • Twist n’ Lock System Connects Jars to Cup
  • Pill Organizer Locks into Jar Lids to Save Space
  • Patented BlenderBall Wire Whisk Delivers Unparalleled Mixing
  • Patent Pending Loop Design
  • U.S and International Patents Pending

Smooth Ideas

This bottle's ready for some serious mixing. Use it to blend up smooth, great-tasting shakes, drinks, and more.

  • Protein Powders
  • Energy Drinks
  • Nutrition Supplements
  • Flavored Drink Mixes
  • Meal Replacements
  • Electrolyte Supplements
  • Fiber Powders
  • Water
  • Add Flavorful Extras: Cinnamon, Peanut Butter, Yogurt, Applesauce, Cocoa Powder, and Ground Oatmeal

Not intended for use with hot liquids. Hot or warm liquid (and other ingredients such as soda, etc.) may cause pressure to build up within the bottle and cause the flip top to open unexpectedly and spray contents. Always open flip top with caution.


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