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Sku: MYM-42102
Brand: Greenpoint Brands
Dimensions: 5.6 x 3 x 12.8 in, 0.55 lbs (0.25 kg)
Shipping Weight: 2.12 lbs (0.96 kg)
Package Quantity: 1 Doll
UPC Code: 84828421025
  • All-Natural
  • All Ages
  • 100% Non Toxic
  • Eco Friendly Coloring

All-natural companions for your little one

Our Products

My Natural offers a variety of safe, cuddly characters. Each with a different mood and personality, My Natural will inspire love, creativity, and instill appreciation for the Earth.

Let My Natural be your baby’s first friend.

Benefits of My Natural

For your loved ones:

  • Made with natural cotton fabric
  • No harmful chemical dyes or toxins next to your skin
  • Non-irritant to sensitive or young skin

For your Environment

  • Made with eco-friendly materials ensuring environmentally sustainable product
  • Low Eco Impact dye process
  • Recycled fiber stuffing supports sustainability
  • Ethical labor policy

Our Toys

Our low-impact dyes create a wonderfully soft color palette, inspired by the dreamy hues of fairytales.

Inspired by nature, My Natural toys are made with safety and sustainability in mind.

Why My Natural?

  • Made safely with Non-Toxic all natural cotton
  • Free from harmful substances and toxic chemicals
  • Low Eco Impact Dye Process
  • Recycled fiber filling
  • Supporter of fair labor ethics

My Natural cotton is a wonderful natural material that needs special care.

We recommended that all cotton toys be machine washed in cold water with a mild soap and air dried flat. It should not be treated with unnatural chemical induced washing detergents./p>

Storage Instruction

Please make sure cotton toys are clean and dry before storing them. If concerned about mold or moth problems, we suggest storing cotton toys with lavender or cedar wood as a natural alternative to moth repellents.

For safety's sake, remove all tags and string fasteners before giving this toy to your child. These attachments are not part of this toy.


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