Personna Razor Blades
  • Personna Razor Blades
  • Triple Blade

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Sku: PSN-20600
Brand: Personna Razor Blades
Dimensions: 1.1 x 4 x 8 in, 0.15 lbs (0.07 kg)
Shipping Weight: 0.35 lbs (0.16 kg)
Package Quantity: 4 Razors
UPC Code: 24500206007
  • 3 Blades

Convenience: No blade changing!

Closeness: Three blades provide ultra-close shave, while pivoting action adjusts to the contours of your skin.

Comfort: Ergonomic handle design for comfort and control. Rubber grips provide superior control even when wet. The vitamin E and aloe lubricating strip reduces razor drag and irritation.

Remove transparent blade shield by lifting up on the razor. Avoid touching blades. Save shield for storage and disposal.


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